Oppa Ramen Style


Have you been ‘Gangnam-ed’ yet? Well, as most of you are probably aware of, I’ve been away for quite some time from the cyber space because of the lack of home Internet, so I’m kinda immune to those viral stuff that’s going on in most social media platforms.

I may be immune to those viral stuff for the time being (like the Oppa Gangnam thingie), but I’m definitely not immune to clearance sales with great bargain.

Check out the picture above. They are my loot from Cold Storage: 4 big bowls of instant Korean ramen, 6 cups of Korean ramen, 2 bags of spicy Korean prawn crackers, 2 cans of Cherry ade and 2 big bottles of Promegranate juice. Grand total: rm30.80.

Any Korean food addict will say it’s quite a worth buy, so if you’re interested to get hold on these Korean food items for a cheap price, head over to Lower Ground of Low Yatt Plaza/ Times Square, Kuala Lumpur before 9th September 2012.


Cleffairy: Shopping is way cheaper than a therapist.


  1. Wendy says:

    I’m so addicted to ramen. Love it. I like it with some julienned carrots thrown on top and some green onions or some grilled veggies. It is SO GOOD. I haven’t tried the Korean ramen. I’ve had some kimchi ramen bowls. Those are good, too.

    Okay, now I’m hungry!

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