Daddy knows best…

I’ve been quite busy these days, because my parents suddenly dropped in KL and staying in The Gardens Hotel, Midvalley. They’re here to do their annual shopping spree and also to do a spot check on whether I’ve been doing well or not.

And so, I’ve been dropping by The Gardens on and off to visit my daddy dearest, mum, and my lil sis. It’s been quite tiring for me, but it’s worth all the troubles, because I always feel good when I manage to spend time with my own family. You see, I don’t get to do that often due to my other commitments in life.

Don’t worry, dear readers. Though The Gardens and Midvalley have been decorated to the nines and I did camwhore a little bit when I was there, I won’t put it up here in my blog, because I wouldn’t want you guys to puke the contents of your stomach out after seeing my face in here. The pictures are for my eyes only, so don’t run off for cover just yet, folks.

Spending time with my own family instead of the in laws gives me so much fond memories. There are no stress whatsoever when I’m with them, and there’s not much expected of me as they just want my company. They don’t ask money from me, and definitely don’t ask me to run errands for them. I don’t have to pay for them either, cuz my daddy says allowing him to pay makes him feel like he’s a father who still have his little girls instead of an old man who is desperate for the care of his children.

It’s great to be with people who really cares for you and will spoil you rotten. And it is nice to be pampered like a little princess once and be appreciated again instead of being treated like the lowest scum on the face of the Earth.

What I like most about spending time with my own family is having meals with them. Unlike with other people in my life, I’d have to mind what I eat and what I drink, because they will scrutinize me for the things that I like to drink and eat, be it directly or indirectly.You see… some people in my life are just plain bitchy. They love to dominate everything, including what and how other people eat.

So, when I go out to eat with my daddy, he never failed to give me the feel good feeling, simply because he won’t nag me, or scold me for choosing the things that I want to eat or drink. He respects me, and treated me like someone with a brain instead of treating me like a stupid girl who doesn’t even use her brain to think before putting things into her mouth. I’m not a three years old child, you see. It is normal for me to feel aghast to be told that I’m not eating good food and stuff in public. I don’t appreciate people telling me and hinting me that. I definitely don’t appreciate it. In fact, I take it as an insult.

You know, my daddy will not ask me why I want to drink Coke. He will not tell me that the stuff is not healthy. He just… let me have it because he knows that I like it. My dad will even share the can of coke with me too instead of saying it’s junk and stuff. He also won’t demand me to choose other drinks that he think is good for me… like some yucky green tea or some sort of gooey, nasty concoction I can’t even recognize. I was a lucky child, you see. He’s the kind of dad who indulge his little girls with junkies ever since they were still crawling at his feet. It’s just too bad that other people’s parents are not the same as my daddy dearest.

Having meals with my daddy is a pure pleasure simply because he won’t fuck me off for wanting to eat meat or for refusing to take the greens, because he knows that I’m some sort of carnivore ever since I was born and simply loathe those creepy green things known as vegetables. One may not know this, but I merely tolerated eating veggies ever since I left home…for ‘certain’ reason that I do not wish to write it down here.

Veggies, especially those in green colours are not my thing. I loathe them in the first place. I don’t give a damn if they’re good for me. If I can’t tolerate the taste and couldn’t stomach it, I won’t bother forcing them down my throat. People should learn to respect that instead of making me eat what I don’t even eat in the first place because for once… I don’t go around forcing people to eat what they don’t eat. I respect how they decide to nurture their own body.

Knowing that I could not take a lot of food in one sitting because I tend to puke afterwards if I’m too full, my daddy also NEVER FORCED me to finish up my food whenever we’re in restaurants, because he knows that taking too much food in one sitting will make me sick and feel awful later on. He won’t accuse me for purposely wasting my food either. Instead of forcing me to finish up what’s on my plate, he’ll just ask the waiter to pack up the leftovers so that I can bring them back and eat them later.

My daddy won’t stop me for from taking desserts too if I feel like taking them after meals. He knew that I loved to eat ice creams… especially the sour kinds after taking the main course. He’ll order those lemon flavoured ice cream and let me loose on em, instead of forcing me to take the sweet kinds or ordering fruits for me to take instead.

I can list many things on why I love to have meals with my family, but sharing a plate of a dish together tops the list. I like sharing the food with my loved ones.  Because it not only make me feel close to them, it also allows me to sample a lot of different dishes all in one sitting.

It’s a common practice for my parents to order several different dishes and share it with each other when we’re eating out. They don’t find it disgusting, you see. To them, it’s a sign of affection. If you know me in real life, you could easily spot me sharing a bowl of noodles or a plate of char koay teow with my mum, my dad or my sister whenever I am with them.

Sharing food is a common practice to me, even at home. I taught my husband this value when I first met him, and we’re still doing this to this very day. Unfortunately for us, sometimes, people  find this practice is disgusting and unhygienic(why, if you ask me, French kisses are unhygienic too), and they thought this is why we remained skinny and scrawny-cuz we don’t get enough to eat. Or rather.. I don’t feed him enough to eat. Ah… yes… blame the woman again.

Well… in my defense… we don’t remain skinny because we don’t have enough to eat or because we share our food all the time. There are other factors that contribute to that…factors that I’m not bothered to explain, because some people simply refuse to listen or even bother to understand, anyway. Besides, not everyone will grow sideways as they eat. Everyone’s metabolism are different.

Bottomline is… having meals with my parents is pressure free… simply because they don’t force me to take what I don’t like to eat, and they also won’t scold or nag when I  can’t manage to finish my food. Yes…meals with mummy and daddy are always a pleasure, simply because they are not health freaks and they allow me to enjoy my food the way I want it, and the way I like it as long as I don’t go overboard with it and make myself sick.

I’ve met many people in my life. I grew fond of some of them while some others repelled me and disgust me. But at the end of the day, in terms of eating habit, no ones knows best about me besides my mummy and daddy.

Life is short. I’m fine with eating the things that I loved to eat the way I like it. Nobody should be allowed to tell me otherwise. Besides, I don’t over indulge in food. I take everything in moderation and I don’t do bodily harm to others, nor do I stop them from practicing their diet. They can do as they please for all I care.

Others may not agree with me, but we live only once, and what’s the use of prolonging life by being a health extremist and make others hate you by forcing them to do the same, when the consequence is you can’t live your life surrounded by people who loves and respect you truly?

Cleffairy: How you eat with your family reflects your relationship with them. Do you agree with me on this?


  1. eugene says:

    Thank you,i gained some here rading this post of yours, now i know how to be a better dad,and i hope one day my sons will like something like this to..” Daddy knows best”

    thank you for sharing

  2. suituapui says:

    They stayed at Gardens? Oooo….so rich! Too expensive for me! I used to stay at Cititel – rooms so small but more affordable. These days – not so cheap anymore also…

    Well, you married your IL’s son…so you’ll just have to tolerate them and their ways. I don;t live together with mine, so we get along fine! Get to meet them once in a blue moon, say, on special occasions! Nice arrangement!

  3. Cheeyee says:

    Yeah, eating suppose is a happy and pleasure thing. Don’t force people to accept your practice simply because you think it is better. Let everyone enjoy their food and meal.

    Merry Christmas to you and hope you have a great weekend with your own family. 🙂

  4. tuti says:

    eating habits are very personal. sorry you are having a bad time with your in-laws. i can understand the feeling. i hate people forcing me on how i eat too, especially on finishing up the plate. feel like puking mah.

  5. keatix says:

    dude, thru out my reading on this post, i cannnot believe how much we share in common…lol. well, except the green part, becasue i eat almost anything, i love eating out with my parents + above all, me + wifey share too…hehe.

    anyway….err…, green is good for u….now stuff it down yr throat!!!! LOL LOL.

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