Meow-wee Xmas

Someone is here to wish you a very Meow-wee Xmas.

Here she is…

It’s my kitten. Meow Meow. She’s here to wish all of you a very Meow-wee Xmas.

She’s not just my pet, but is also my sidekick and a partner in crime. She’s an absolute darling who gives me a hug each time I’m down, and gives me a wake up call each morning by licking my face. Sweet kitten, though she doesn’t look as cute as those model kittens who starred for feline products. And beware of her innocent look…if she caught you bullying me, you’ll end up being scratched and bitten by this lil monster.

I was not a fan of furry creature like Meow Meow, but… she saved my entire family from the fire back in July 2009 when she was barely 1 month old. She’s our little saviour, our little hero. Brave little thing, and now…growing sideways because of eating too much! She’s more like a daughter to me than a pet… no kidding. I talked to her and tell her all my secrets, and I can always be sure that she won’t backstab me.

I may not get any presents for Xmas again this year, but I suppose, Meow will always be there to comfort me. That will be enough for me this year. I got to learn to count my blessings, right?

Anyway, dear readers… this will be the last entry for 2009 in Over A Cuppa Tea. There will be surprises in store for everyone in 2010 from me, and hopefully the contents of my writing will be bolder, more daring and bring more joy to all of you.

Here’s wishing you a MEOW-WEE Xmas from me and Meow Meow.

Cleffairy: Meow Wee Xmas.


  1. widower dating site says:

    last entry for 2009? but but that’s many days from now!! how am i going to survive without my cuppa tea?! *wails*
    ok ok, i will wait for you. till 2010.
    happy holidays, meow-wee, and cleffairy, lol!
    wish you good things to come, and especially for 2010, a great new year for YOU YOU YO!!!

  2. eugene says:

    Meow meow here, meow meow there, meow meow everywhere, merry chirstmas my dear, sincerely i wish you all the best to you, adrian and your hubby.

    let us all look forward to a happier new year,even sometimes it might not be easy, but with a lot of love and cares,we will get it,,

    lot os love and hugs from me,,,,,,your undying fan … eugene and the family

  3. claire says: Labbie reciprocrates to your meowwy greeting from your beloved meow meow…
    Presents? Me neither.. i dont hv christmas present too.. never expect to.. i also dint buy for them .. as yet.. but they dont mind.. they seem to be alright about it.. christmas is christmas as long as our love ones are here beside us.. that is the greatest gift!

  4. justmeshakira says:

    OMG, you are SO LUCKY! Meow meow looks absolutely adorable! Great for you, Lizzie. However, I am not really into cats as I have a sensitive nose! LOL.
    You know that CATS are very THERAPEUTIC ? Very good for keeping secrets too!

  5. keatix says:

    lol. i m totally not a fan of furry creatures especially cats. but i understand there must be some sentimental value in it…hehe. so, how was yr xmas? any anson CCF????? lol.

  6. CHVoon says:

    Don’t worry Cleffairy, i will put on my tali pinggang keledar all the time… this time police can ask for SHit nia la… not roast turkeys!

    Good Luck! Happy New year 2010!

  7. cleffairy says:

    LOL… I hate police… see their faec oso sien. Cheap face wan! Everytime oso ask kopi, kopi… den summore these days, upgraded to cappuccino and fruppocino. If I’m rich horr… I rather pay saman ler!

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