Ultraman? That is not the real issue…

I’m sure the public is enraged by Berita Harian’s insensitivity in publishing such an offensive caricature mocking the tsunami victims in Japan. Berita Harian has issued out public apology and retraction by now, I suppose. But what has been done, cannot be undone. That piece of publication has somehow provoked anger from Malaysians and people from all over the world.

First of all, I’d like to assure the world that this cartoon strip does not reflect Malaysian sentiments in general.

I would also like the world to know that this is just another one of those not so clever piece of publication used to divert Malaysian readers’ attention from the real issue that soon will be plaguing our country following the disasters that has devastate Japan.

I apologize to the world on Malaysian press’ behalf for their immature way of preventing mass panic regarding economic issues and the impending recession.

Same old, same old. Provoking emotional outburst by publishing something offensive or sensationalized. This is quite a common occurrence in Malaysia, truthfully. Usually sensitive issues like religious problems, scandals, and racial issues would be published in time of great disaster to avoid mass panic. And after the  desired ‘damages’ have been properly made, retraction and public apologies will be issued to appease the public anger.

Next up, political parties would join in and play ‘hero’ and condemns the newspaper in question too to gain popularity. Same goes with this ‘Ultraman running away from tsunami’ caricature case. It is just another tool used to divert people’s attention from bigger and more serious issues.

Amazing enough, Malaysians from every corner of the country will fall for the same old tricks over and over again and gets all worked up about it. Usually the mission to hide more serious issues will be accomplished when Malaysian thoughts and emotions are fully occupied with issues that’s much more close to home (religion, racial issue, etc, and in this case, insulting cartoon that demean us in the eyes of the world)

You see, Malaysian economy and agriculture is still not quite self-sufficient. We are still depending on developed countries to invest in us and whatnot. Suffice to say, when giant countries like Japan is economically crippled, it will affect our country. I suppose this is what ‘so and so’ trying to cover up by publishing offensive cartoons as well as bringing up the bibles issues and whatnot.

Wake up people…this is not the time to be upset about stupid caricature like this. That is just a waste of time. This is also not the time to think about our political and religious differences.

This is the time for us to be united. This is the time to extend our help in whatever way we can while facing global adversity. Monetary, medical aids, basic supplies, comfort, encouragements, prayers… anything. No help is too small when disaster struck.

Now is the time to help the survivors of disasters all around the world, and now is the time for healing, for rebuilding what’s lost. And now is the time to repent and learn what the disaster has taught us: When disasters strike, we’re all the same. We need to stick together in order to survive and make things better again. If we don’t stick together, there shall be no future for us.

Stop allowing people to poison our minds and incite our wrath and anger as now, the world does not need that. The world needs love, peace, and for people to be humble and human again.

Cleffairy: We are mortal, we are destructible. Why are we so keen on playing God? Even the mountains, sea and sky bows to His wills.


    • Cleffairy says:

      *roll eyes* Dun u realize that each time ‘big things’ happen… all our newspaper do is incite emotional outbursts? The sensationalize what’s not supposed to be sensationalized, and ppl will be successfully diverted from the REAL issues.

      Truthfully, Chief editors are not stupid. They know the rules of publication-on what can be published and what cannot be published. All articles must go through them before being published. Chief editors must have known the effect of such publication, and perhaps… have orders from so and so to provoke emotional outbursts in order to divert the citizens’ attention from the real issue that’s plaguing in the background. They’re all aware of the full impact when certain articles is published, trust me. I’m speaking of this from first hand experience.

      Okay, I’ll give credit where it’s due…some Chief editors don’t really want to publish offensive stuff like this, but sometimes, someone got to be a scapegoat when it comes to covering up bigger news in the background from the public.

  1. Mardy says:

    I think you’re being paranoid. They did a mistake, they apologized and everybody is moving on. No one’s fighting over it la. Who is distracted? Everyone is fully aware of the situation all over the world, so don’t act all preachy and assume the media is up to something when they just did a mistake. People are donating, realizing that materialism is temporary and sending prayers to Japan. People are NOT as stupid as you assume they are. I know you mean well but damn you are so condescending. Wake up, no one is distracting anyone because NO ONE IS DISTRACTED!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Why, thank you. Paranoid and I walk hand in hand. Been known for that for years, by the way.

      I’ve seen how the media is being used over and over again to cover up more important issues at hand. Not sure if you realize it or not, but our press is more keen on reporting things that’s considered yellow journalism rather than hard news. Sodomy case? Detained bibles in the warehouse case? Damn caricatures? People washing dirty linen in public? Name it, they have it all. Our news are very colourful and entertaining. It is also very sexual, sensual and arousing every now and then.

      Whatever it is, everyone have their own interpretation on every single things that happened in the world, isn’t it? The jury is still out on that on whether this is a mistake or not a mistake. As far as apologizing is concern, I think it is a ‘politically correct’ thing to do.

      One time is a mistake. Twice maybe still is a mistake…but sorry that I have to break it to you, the media… Malaysian mainstream media is no longer a platform for truth. It is being used and abused repeatedly to stoke racial tension and whatnot between the citizens. (points to: Utusan, Berita Harian)

      Seriously speaking….editors cannot afford a mistake… unless they are very, very sure they won’t get sacked or detained for violating printing press law. Maybe I’m outdated a lil bit…but as far as I’m concern, cartoonist, columnist as well as journalists’ articles DO NOT get published unless it is approved by the chief editors first.

      Oh well… perhaps this chief editor from Berita Harian failed his journalism and media studies degree somehow, to be able to make this sort of ‘mistake’. Or perhaps, he needs to get his eyesight checked? Oh, dear, do recommend him some optician, please. The poor thing was unable to see clearly as to allow such offensive publication.

      I also think that the Danish press caricature insulting Prophet Muhammad’s a few years back a mistake. Thank God they apologized to Muslim nations. But don’t you think that in some cases, sorry has no cure?

      Tony Blair also admits that it was a mistake to join forces with Bush to attack Iraq back then, but it does not change the fact that some mistakes cost lives. Luckily in this case… it just bring unnecessary uneasiness during the time of great distress.

    • Garfield says:

      I believe that you a pro government people.
      While everyone is concerning about the updates of the nuclear reactor in Fukushima Daichi & the tsunami victim’s safety, the mainstream newspaper did not focus on these news.
      Instead, they only focus on those politician and reporting about their publicity.

      As we all know, a lot of people are trying to take advantage to do publicity using this horrible disaster, but it is not right for the mainstream media to assist these opportunist on taking advantage for doing publicity.
      What they should do is report news that people are concerning about.

      Do you know that other country sent volunteers that are count in the amount of 1 or 2 aircraft full?
      Malaysia only willing to send 15 volunteers and 6 dogs only.
      Japan now need more people on the rescue missions as well as humanity task.
      So far, the people that Malaysia sent is the lowest amount.
      Even a 3rd world country, India sent more people than us.

      And when Malaysia is sending these 15 volunteers, the media only cover about what the PM is doing, and focus to his speech only. They did not even interview the volunteers at all. People are volunteering them self, risking their own life to help people, they do not care at all, they just go and focus on someone’s political agenda on doing publicity.

      So, do you thing the mainstream media are doing their job?
      Perhaps they did do their job as instructed by their company owner, who are those political parties.
      But regarding reporting what the people need know? Nop, they did not do that part of responsibility.

  2. suituapui says:

    And did you hear the remarks made by Mdm Botox-face? Really! Weren’t they talking about setting up a nuclear plant in the country not too long ago? AND in Sarawak? No, thank you…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, yes, of course I heard about that, and I think that is just….what’s the word? BRAINLESS. Solar power yes. Nuclear plant for providing energy purposes? NO. Like you said in FB, the botox must have gone up to the brain. 🙁 It’s really upsetting to see that the modern politicians are more interested in profit than the citizen well being and safety. And as for environmental friendly? Scratch that, it doesn’t exists in their dictionary.

  3. MRC says:

    I’m also not that analytical as these “rolling-eye” fairy who’s capable of politics analyst as well…Just note down what’s been say here

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… it’s just common sense, MRC. All these does not just happen once… it happens all the time when there’s bigger things going on in the background. Let’s just say this is a form of ‘crowd control’ in order to stop ‘mass hysteria’. Cheap old trick… 🙁 To me, this is not the right way. Avoiding from addressing the issue will only cause collateral damage, as the public needs to be informed of what action we could take next so that we won’t be feeling too much of a pinch when recession finally strike.

    • Cleffairy says:

      That’s inevitable, don’t you think? It’s not that we’re completely self sufficient all these while… and not only Malaysia will be affected… other countries that’s dependent on Japan economy will be too. 🙁

  4. Gratitude says:

    Dear Fairy, you certainly do not have to apologize on behalf of the Msian media ie Utusan and Berita Harian, coz you’ll certainly be one very busy person lolz

    This is what we get in dealing with half-baked nincompoops whose only chance for survival is to please their political masters.

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