More Kisses Please


Oral hygiene is very important for me. As an active lifestyle blogger who attends events quiet frequently, I need to interact and socialize with people quite a lot. Flashy smile with pearly whites is my cosmetic. 🙂 Apart from that, I’m a kisser.

I love giving friendly pecks and not to mention, I love kissing. Although…the intimate kissing part is only given exclusively to my husband. 😉

So yes. Oral hygiene is important for me, so that I can smile more, and kiss more. Problem is? I have sensitive gums that bleeds easily and my teeth are quite crooked. I fear pain…so braces is definitely out of question and to clean my teeth properly, I need to choose a toothbrush that’s suitable for me.

As of late, I stumbled across this new toothbrush from Lion Lion, Systema Spiral 0.02mm, a toothbrush for those who wants extra clean teeth. So you ask me what’s so special about this toothbrush? Well, Systema Spiral removes 40% more plague with it’s hexagon shaped filaments. The toothbrush’s filaments are twisted together to form spirals, enabling its 6 sharp sides to scrape away the plaque effectively.

This toothbrush is sold at about RM8 per piece and is available in major supermarkets and pharmacy. Worth an investment if you want beautiful, plaque-free smile, if you ask me.

Cleffairy: So…how about more kisses? 😉

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