#gilabola by Joe Flizzow

It’s past midnight, and I’m here in my regular mamak stall. Obviously I’m no Cinderella. And It’s a good thing too, otherwise my fairygodmother would have a cardiac arrest if she discovered that I’m still…waiting…waiting…after midnight at my regular mamak stall, not for food, but for the football match to start. I know I sounded footballmad, but I just love watching the games on the big screen!

Yes folks, yours truly is infected by the #gilabola fever! I can’t help it. Everyone is talking about it. Some may detest all the hype, but not me. I’ve always been a football fan. When I was still a high school student, I have this habit of going to the football field to watch the boys play football. I enjoyed it very much. I don’t have such chance anymore now considering that I’m no longer a student, but hey, there’s always English Premier League and now ongoing in Brazil as of writing, FIFA World Cup 2014.

I love the adrenaline rush while watching football match, and I went as far as Genting during the opening to meet Robbie Fowler, formerly a Liverpool star player.

 photo C88E58451_zps9adf63a7.jpg

Here’s a little throwback. 🙂 On the left: Robbie Fowler with one of the Genting big boss on the right. 🙂  I managed to get him to autograph my t-shirt, and I was so, so, happy! That’s definitely going into my ‘not wearing because it is so special wardrobe;. 🙂

I love all the hype the football fans made when the team they supports score a goal or two. Sports such as this brings so much positive energy and togetherness between family,loved ones and friends, and I’m a sucker for all of the positive energy. It makes me feel so good!

I tend to support the underdogs team, and naturally, the team that I usually root for lost the game pretty early. Last time I placed all my hope on England, but this time around, I go for Japan. I thought that they have a pretty good chance with all their player’s positive attitude, but they lost anyway. It was really sad, but I thought they played really well, and they displayed such awesome sportsmanship attitude!

Anyway, You’ve probably heard Joe Flizzow’s new song, #gilabola. I’ve been listening to that song, and it’s stuck in my head right now. Have you heard the song before? It’s pretty catchy and upbeat.If you haven’t, make sure you watch the music video here:


Song : #GilaBola
Singer : Joe Flizzow

Learn the words in the lyrics video and sing along, folks.

The lyric can also be found  HERE: The lyrics talk about the typical habits of ‘football mad’ fans of all ages and origins, like staying up all night, face painting and more.

Come on guys, FIFA World Cup does not happen everyday.  Join me in the #gilabola craze in the Football Mad Territory and make sure you also share all your football-mad moments with the hashtag #gilabola on Instagram! Who knows, your submissions could even appear in their next video.




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