The good guy, the bad guy

When you’re a parent, you’ll come to realize how important it is to play the bad guy and the good guy when you are disciplining your children. I suppose a lot of parents take this approach too. Some mum plays the good guy while the dad plays the bad guy and vice versa whenever a child did something naughty and needs to be reprimanded.

As for my family, I play the bad guy most of the time. I do the scolding, the nagging, the reprimanding and the punishing whenever my son did something naughty while my husband pretend to be the good guy and make the boy apologize and admits his wrongdoing so that I won’t be angrier than I already was.

My husband is rarely the bad guy unless the boy did something really, really naughty and needs to be punished. When such thing happened and he got pissed off at the boy, I’ll play the good guy instead. I think this approach of parenting is quite common in a lot of household?

It’s the easiest way to find balance whenever you need to discipline a child. The child may label you differently, but at the end, it is the result that matters, no? And it doesn’t matter what the child thinks of you when you play the bad people as the child would soon discovered that it’s merely parenting tricks when he or she became parents themselves.

Anyway, I find it amusing that ‘the good guy, the bad guy’ parenting approach can not only be applied to our parenting skill, but in many other places too.

Recently I discovered that such a thing exists everywhere, even on Facebook groups where people who have their own nasty agenda team up with a bunch of people and play ‘the good guys and the bad guys’ in order to get what they want and confuse the public in the process.

Certain people will play the good guy to garner support from others while the acquintance will play the bad guy and antagonize everything so that the one who is playing the good guy will look really good in public and therefore, earn tremendous support and popularity in the process. It’s so pathetic that people can’t always see that sometimes, good guys, and bad guys are just two different sides of a same coin.

Interesting approach in campaigning for certain agenda, but I suppose sooner or later, many could see trough the tactic, because at the end, the one who gained the benefit is both the good guys, and the bad guys. The only difference is just that one side get good publicity, while another is a bad publicity. I don’t know what people think about this in general, but as they say, bad publicity is a publicity too.


Cleffairy: It’s never right to hijack any social networking sites or groups in order to harvest popularity and reap political benefit from it.


    • dating a white guy says: hiv positive gay dating

      Nah, Gratitude… it’s what I observe in a certain group…. and I did not like what I see… how certain people try to reap benefit from a a rather established group. by doing campaigns in a not so discreet way and stuff.

  1. Gratitude says:

    Oh oh gung ho ones like myself tend to be the bad one. I recently sat an ol’ friend down to tell him he needn’t gloat tofeel superior in front of us close friends as we care for him regardless of his social standing and that he should trust us not to judge him. His was a case of inferiority complex.

    • dating a white guy says:

      Some people are just like that… they need to show off and stuff to feel good about themselves. In my humble opinion, such people are just…low. They like to put off others to make themselves feel good! πŸ™

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