Gotta Catch A Good Deal with Tookar

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Is the lovely lady catching Pokémon? Well, that’s not a new species of Pokémon she’s trying to catch, but she’s all hyped up and trying to get a good deal with Tookar instead.

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So, what’s Tookar? Good question. Tookar is a newly launched car website. Now, before you navigate away from this article, do stay and read on. Tookar is not your regular online website that merely sell cars, but it is ASEAN’s first online car exchange website that outs back joy into buying cars.

Let’s admit it. We all love cars. We all have the needs for it to increase our mobility, but buying them can be a stressful affair. You got to meet dealers, negotiate the price for the best deals, test driving arrangement etc, but with Tookar, you don’t have to go through all that. Well, at least you don’t have to spend stressful time looking for a deal that suits your budget.

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With Tookar, buyers are able to name their price, or specifically request for discounts (off the standard list price) for a specific car model. Similarly, sellers from multiple authorised car dealership may also offer their discounts on Tookar. One of the key advantages of this platform is that it allows buyers to negotiate for the best price deals with all the dealers simultaneously. Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, a match is made using Tookar’s two way auction paradigm; similar to that used in the stock exchange, and the deal is sealed with an online deposit and signing of the VSO (Vehicle Sale Order). The seller then prepares the var according to specifications and deliver it to the buyer’s doorstep. The entire process is convenient, efficient, time saving and stress-free for both parties. Great, isn’t it?

Wait, there’s more. To commemorate the official launch and in conjunction of Merdeka Day, Tookar is celebrating it by offering RM300 worth of Lazada cash vouchers to customers using Tookar services from 22 August to 16 September 2016. Vouchers will be provided upon delivery of their chosen cars.

Wanna buy a car? Well, purchase your dream car that’s within your budget on

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