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Remember my post not long ago where I complained that my friend told me that I practically look like something that came out from a Zombie Apocalypse film and I sadly have to agree with her because I feels the same way inside as I am perpetually tired? Well, like I said in that post, and I intend to do something to improve my stamina a lil bit by not only leading a healthier life by exercising and taking a healthier diet, but also by taking supplements.


Well, I did what I said I wanted to do. It’s been more than a  two weeks now since I’ve been taking this supplement. Aura Hot, a health supplement with collagen designed especially for women.


There’s a total of 20 sachets in the box.


The supplement is certified Halal, so if you’re a Muslim, you don’t have to worry about the Halal issue. 😀


The collagen drink supplement is pretty easy toprepare. Straight forward and kinda idiot-proof. All you need to do is just mix the Aura Hot powder with some warm water. Stir well and drink twice daily. Once before you sleep and once after you wake up for the first month and once daily for the next months.

I prefer mine chilled, so I added in some ice for more kicks. 😛 Would probably make an ice-blended out of it if I had a blender too. :P  Unlike other collagen drinks that taste pretty much like a chemical experiment that has gone haywire, Aura Hot actually tasted nice. The strawberry-chocolate flavour is really tantalizing to the senses, and I could easily drink one glass after another.

After two weeks of usage, I can say that I feel that the collagen drink works wonder on my body and my skin. My skin is much more smoother, probably due to the fact that it’s packed with vitamins that helps you to get the radiant glow. Below is my report for the 14 days of usage:

Day 1- Not much changes can be felt.

Day 2- I started to feel the detoxification effect. I noticed that I passed motion more and no more constipation. I feel slightly lightheaded, but perhaps it was because of the detox process.

Day 3- Lightheaded-ness lingers, but I noticed that i suddenly have weird cravings for more veggies and fruits. And so I did. My appetite improves, but towards hydrating and healthier food items.

Day 4- The headache and faint feeling went away, and I started to feel more energetic.

Day 5-  Noticed that my hair drops less when I combed my hair.

Day6 – Some tiny scar as a result of hot oil splashing on my skin started to fade. 😀

Day 7- Skin wasn’t any fairer, but it was definitely smoother, and I did not even have pimples during my period. I noticed that this time around, my period is not that painful and my tummy was not bloated as it usually was.

Day 8- It was a very long day for me. Had events back to back, but I managed without a huff.

Day 9- I was out in an event with nude face. No make-up, no BB cream whatsoever. I have completely forgotten to put em on cuz it was a really busy day and I was really rushing. A friend commented that I look more energetic with a healthier look on my face.

Day 10- Had an event to go to at night and needs to dress up and put on some make up a lil bit, but I noticed that my skin colour is a shade lighter and my foundation is no longer in the correct shade. So yay for me. The Aura Hot started to have effect on my skin!

Day 11- Did not have time to eat as I was rushing dateline for a project. Only had some Aura Hot drinks earlier in the morning along with some cream crackers, and I managed to last the whole day until about 8 am. I only managed to get some stuff to eat in a food review, and I was really surprised that I could last that long!

Day 12- Concentration and focus improves. Managed to pay attention at one of the most boring meeting I’ve ever attended, and I sleep better now too.

Day 13-  I was inspired enough to start a new novel and had enough energy to burn the midnight oil to work on a couple of chapters before I call it a day.

Day 14- Out whole day again. Movie premier in the morning, sent kid to school in the afternoon after the premier, and after picking him up, I headed to a food review session and then head over to another event at night.

A pic of me camwhoring in front of the mirror, checking out the difference after two weeks. 😛 Yea, I’m vain. Nothing you can do there.

To be honest, I can say that the Aura Hot Stem Cell Collagen drink helps to boost up my stamina as much as it helps with my complexion, so I guess it is worth the investment if you ladies wants some long term health benefits 😀 I can’t comment much on the claim that Aura Hot can help to increase your libido, though. My husband MIA at work most of the time. *roll eyes* So did not manage to test out the theory.

Neway, if you’re interested in this, do hop over to their Facebook page HERE to find out more about it.

Cleffairy: All of us need a bit of a boost sometimes. 😀


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