I don’t wanna go home

Those who are really close to me or those who are in my friends list on Facebook will probably know what’s going on with me right at the moment. Plenty of expected AND unexpected things happened to me, and I have to admit that despite the fact that I was practically a nomad when I was a child and drastic changes was a norm, I struggled desperately to deal with the changes as an adult.

There is too much changes, and I find it difficult to deal with…it is too overwhelming, and I not only I feel difficult to breathe, but I feel trapped as well.

I know I seriously need a break from life before life will break me, but right now, even looking at vacation packages is not appealing…as I feel that there is no point escaping just for awhile…as when I return, I will still have to face reality and I’ll be back in a hellhole.

Cleffairy: Out of the sudden, I realized that I could never publish my novel in progress ‘Alternate Reality’.It was created and written in my image, and it reveals too much of my deepest, darkest desire to escape the reality that I’m living in.

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