Fed up, pissed off and annoyed

So, how exactly you’re supposed to deal with such negative emotions that plague you all at the same time? I’m afraid that I have no answer for that, but I suppose, staying focused and having some distractions is kinda welcoming.

If you ever feel sick and tired of something, I suppose you can look for some distractions to steer you away from those negative feelings. I usually indulge in writing theraphy where I marathon against time to produce 5k coherent mini stories each time I feel that life is no longer meaningful or it would be better for me to just dig my own grave and lay in it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, how do you deal with uninspiring emotions? Please do share with me.

Cleffairy: It’s a good thing that killing people is a crime. If it’s up to me, I’d just go on a bloody killing rampage.

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  1. junsern says: best opening lines online dating

    Well my dear, I face something similar to what you face. Well what I do when I get into this moods, I take a deeeeeep breath first then exhale. Then tell myself is it worth it to feel like that? Then I watch a comedy and laugh my lungs out then when it gets better I start to count my blessings.

    For me is to play with my baby nephew. Or take a long walk at the park just to clear my mind (cliché but it works for me) or find friends or family to laugh and have a good time at mamak or pub or over a meal. But most importantly, find someone that you can trust and tell them your annoyance or frustrations, pour your heart out… and finally just smile… or laugh it off

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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