Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015

If you are a reader of this blog or my friend on Facebook or Instagram, you would notice that I’ve been exposing AlienGoTravel to the great outdoors. We’ve been up to quite a lot of things and here’s sharing with you one of it.

A couple of weeks back, our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor invited me and my boys to witness the Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015 with them. Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015 is jointly organized by Green Leaf Events and Marketing Services, Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre, Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor and sponsored by Sneak Peak Products, Running Malaysia and last but not least, supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run is a 18km run held annually in Kalumpang and is part of an initiative in conjunction of #DekatJe campaign by Tourism Malaysia to elevate Malaysia as a internationally preferred sports tourism destination.

There is a lot of runs and marathons being organized around in the country. And one would have said that this one is no different than others, but trust me, Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015 is the sort of run that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, push you to your limits and give you the thrilling satisfaction of being a champion. Unlike regular runs or marathons where the venue is usually the comforting and familiar path in the city or small town, Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015 is held in a jungle. Yes. You are reading that right, it’s held in the jungle, where you will have to check-in at multiple different checkpoints before you can head back to the finishing line.

I have never participated in a run or a marathon in my life, and although we were also given the opportunity to participate by the organizer, my family and I opt to just be a spectator as we are well aware of the dire consequences of running without proper training. Although my family and I did not intend to participate in the run, but we’re adrenaline high nevertheless. We arrived at the venue at about 7am with our Visit Malaysia mascot, Bayau. He’s a new addition to our little family, courtesy of Tourism Malaysia, and yes, he’ll be joining us is most of our adventures from now onwards.

 photo 20151025_103919_zpssqaqjjaa.jpg

Bayau at the field in Kalumpang, waiting for flagging off.

 photo 20151025_100609_zpstawmjqbw.jpg

Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015
runners before flag off. The run is open to not just Malaysians but international runners too and was split to a couple of categories; Men Open, Women Open, Senior and Boys Junior and Girls Junior.

 photo 20151025_112807_zpsnsoy9nox.jpg

It was a well organized run. Medics and security officers on duty were spotted at almost all corners of the venue, keeping order and vigilant eyes, and ready to serve.

 photo 20151025_112735_zpspmkpmk77.jpg

Everyone present were adrenaline high. Even the event crews were all hyped up that morning.

 photo 20151025_071503_zpsdihwff4p.jpg

Flagging off


And look at them go, the runners ran as if their life depends on it.

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So what did we do after flagging off? Well, my family and I rode ahead on a 4wd to designated checkpoints with the fabulous people from Tourism Malaysia Selangor and other members of the media. It was one hell of an unexpected ride.


We thought the path to each checkpoints was easy but all of us had quite a shock when the engine started revving and the 4wd roughly pave ways through the jungle to reach the checkpoints before the runners. I seriously can’t imagine what the runners had to endure to get to each checkpoints.

 photo 20151025_085839_zpsjj47wn6b.jpg

Here’s a picture taken at one of the checkpoints with our ride. They look pretty cool, don’t they?

 photo 20151025_091759_zpsfwsauql9.jpg

At one of the checkpoints. We chilled out quite a bit before the runners started to pass through.

 photo 20151025_085407_zpskyiw13yv.jpg

Runners passing through.

Check out our travelogue Kembara #DekatJe series video with our guest host, Kos Serani, giving commentary on the run at one of the checkpoint. Video was recorded in Bahasa Malaysia.

 photo 20151025_100508_zpstiokjpia.jpg

Fast forward a couple of hours after chasing the runners in the jungle with our 4wd, we headed to the finishing line, just in time to see then starting to arrive.

 photo 20151025_100642_zpsjhpyljdd.jpg

Spotted a runner at the finishing line, happily checking his time record.

 photo 20151025_100523_zpsnzuzhxhu.jpg

Finisher with medal

 photo 20151025_1016160_zpsklvwsmqy.jpg

Happy faces, still adrenaline high

 photo 20151025_110302_zpsuk34crsv.jpg

International participants are spotted mingling with senior category runner.

 photo 20151025_110409_zps5zf1sr2n.jpg

Prize giving was done at approximately 1pm before the crowd was dispersed and we were ushered for our crib for the night at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre.

I thought my adventure for the week ended with our 4wd ride, but I was wrong. Little did we know that more exhilirating surprises was practically waiting for us at the resort. I’ll be sharing about our experience there, but until then, take care. πŸ™‚ To find out more about Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015, simply Google it or search for the hashtag #kalumpangjunglerun2015 and #kalumpangresort. For more info on attractive destinations in Malaysia and affordable domestic travels, look up the hashtag #dekatje.


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