Must Visit Places in Bentong, Pahang

Malaysia is a country that’s rich in cultural diversity and have plenty to offer when it comes to tourism. Being a tropical country and is warm and humid whole year through, Malaysia is a perfect place for some outdoor adventures or some eco-escapade. There are plenty of states you can visit in Malaysia, but here’s sharing some the road less traveled kinda places that you should visit when you are in Malaysia; Pahang.

Whenever we talk about Pahang, things that will cross your mind is probably the well famed National Park, but there is more to Pahang than just the National Park.

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One of Pahang’s hidden gem that is a must visit is the small town of Bentong. Locally famous for it’s wondrous production of ginger, Bentong has much more to offer than just it’s lively morning market or the hot water spring.

I’ve written about attractions in Bentong, Pahang in my previous blog posts here:

But my wanderlust in exploring this fascinating town does not just stop there.

My family and I had the opportunity to stay in janda baik villas in Bentong and discovered that there are a couple more places that you can visit while you are in Bentong, Pahang; Bilut Extreme Park, Bee Farm/Bee Museum and Valley Agro Park.

I will share more in depth write ups about these places in other posts, but here’s briefly sharing about the newly explored places that I think is a must visit:

Bilut Extreme Park

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Bilut Bilut Extreme Park is located at Felda Lurah Bilut, the 1st Felda in Malaysia. The Bilut Extreme Park is approximately 18 km away from Bentong Town and 16 km away from Raub Town and is actually located in a plantation area which is surrounded by palm oil trees.

There are plenty of things you can do in Bilut Extreme Park, and if you are an extreme sports lover, you will definitely love this place.

Bilut Extreme Park offers plenty of interesting thing for Adrenaline junkies;  ATV ride and outdoor archery.

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ATV off-roading

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Outdoor sport archery

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Apart from that, there is also a mini rabbit petting zoo where little children could go and be friendly with cute little rabbits. More about Bilut Extreme Park’s mini rabbit petting zoo in detail HERE.

House of Bees/Bee Museum.

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This is another must visit place while you are in Bentong. The Bee Farm is nestled in the heart of Valley Agro Park a sanctuary for bees.

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One thing about the bees here is that they are stingless. You may learn more about the place HERE

Valley Agro Park

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Valley Agro Park is basically an agro park that consists of; farm, fish pond, restaurant and chalet.

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Fishing pond

Valley Agro Park is a very laid back place where you can just forget about the hustle and the bustle of the city. Read more about it HERE.

In depth write up about on what these places can offer, price, how to get there and stuff coming up soon, so do stay tune for more.

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