No courtesy, poor upbringing

I’m in an extremely foul mood. Ask me why. Read the title of my article: No courtesy, poor upbringing.

I am crabby enough these few days, considering that the Temple near my house is blasting the damn speaker at full scale, enough to wake the dead for the Hungry Ghost festival, causing me to have intense  migraine that no bloody soul on the face of this damn Earth is sympathetic to. I COULDN’T SLEEP. And I want to puke at the throbbing sensation that I felt on my right forehead, trailing down to my temple. NASTY, and I’m definitely on my MURDEROUS MODE. Don’t you dare tell me to pop a few paracetamol in my mouth. Nothing short of a morphine could get rid of the damn pain I’m feeling.

That… I can still deal with. After all, I’ve been dealing with this for years. Especially during those noisy Chinese festival where they got nothing to do that sing all night long or burn fireworks all night long.

But what I couldn’t exactly deal with is some phone call about 3am in the morning, asking my husband to go out immediately or something of that sort, causing all hell to break loose in my house. Read: the brat, waling and shouting his head off cuz he saw the father left the house at 3am in the morning, attracting the wrath of the slumbering neighbours who came knocking at my damn door, wondering if I’m murdering my own child. Right at the moment, I’m just so glad that I am not some hero wannabe’s neighbour. I shudder to think a hero wannabe bashing me up and dragging me to the police station for thinking that I’ve been abusing my child just because the brat couldn’t keep his mouth shut!

I wouldn’t exactly mind if phone call from Mr.F is a state or emergency or something, needing help for his dying wife or daughters or even people raping his mother… it’s still worth the trouble, but I don’t appreciate people persistently request my husband to step on the pedal immediately just to help him fix some mess he did with his computer….yes… I DON’T appreciate people calling the man way after midnight, asking him to go out to fix some shitty technical mess, consequently leaving me to deal with the mess at home at an ungodly hour.

Bloody hell, I had enough noises to deal with during the day… and now I have to deal with noises and complaints at night too? Do I look like some sort of a rock or something?

I’m really pissed. It’s as if my husband has nothing better to do but oblige to apple polish them! Gee…that feller is just an ex neighbour… whom in my opinion, always behave like an empty vessel that make most noise. NATO kinda guy.

From my observation all these years…he’s never the first to appear when others are in trouble. I could still remember when there’s a feud between one lady called Ms. R regarding a community library issue with a group of mobster. This NATO feller along with some men were doing what at that time? Drinking tea, and yakking away at the mamak stall across the street, though he was well informed of the incident between Ms. R and those ruthless mobsters. Not man enough to get involve, huh? And letting the old lady fend for herself against those mobsters. He and a group of of his NATO gang only appeared AFTER the not so friendly event occurred.

My oh, my….the mess that he did must have involved some sort of national security that he needs my husband’s help so desperately at such an ungodly hour!

Considering the importance of someone’s role in my life, and my husband’s life….not even my father dares to call me at such an ungodly hour. Nothing short of a notification of a next kin’s death would take him to call me at that hour! I wonder why almost everyone in my husband’s life is quite oblivious to their timing?

I don’t know. Perhaps those people that my husband has the misfortune to be acquainted with is just ill mannered, inconsiderate, have no courtesy and lack of proper upbringing by their parents.

That’s my only logic. Why? Their parents never actually taught them enough manners to ask for help for non-life threatening issue during decent hours! And I’m not just talking about this Mr. F either.

Cleffairy: I owe my own father more than a million bucks for raising me. But even then… if my father is to call me for some technical difficulties at 3am in the morning, I would tell him to go back to sleep and wait til the decent hour for his problems to be fixed!


    • Cleffairy says:

      Sigh… exactly la, Cikgu. If my husband a doctor on a stand by or something, I wouldn’t get so worked up. I mean… 3am is really rude to wake people up just because you need to fix your PC. Why can’t you just wait say… at least 7am or something? 🙁 All hell really break loose lorr… my anak saw the father leaving the house and cried. Must have thought the father walked away or something… since it’s at such an ungodly hour, and even I can’t pacify him… resulting to so much problems. Geram, geram…

  1. kathy says:

    Agree with Cikgu. People tengah tidur go and call like that. If somebody is dying or what then call la.

    Kesian you. Hope your neighbour won’t miss understand you and accepted your explaination

    • Cleffairy says:

      Haizz… dying oso call ambulance la… correct anot? LOL… both mine and hubby’s first aid license expired liao… kenot help punya.

      The neighbour tot I abuse the anak or wud, come kaypo… ding dong the doorbell to check out wud happen. Lucky explain liao understand. Else… I sure masuk jail for further investigation liao.

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