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Man gets nod from wives and court to marry a fourth

KUALA TERENGGANU: A property negotiator has received the blessings of his three wives to wed his newfound sweetheart who is 30 years younger than him.The Syariah High Court approved the application of Abu Bakar Embong, 54, after it found that the father of 25 children met all the prerequisites under Islamic law to take a fourth wife.

Judge Shaikh Ahmad Ismail granted Abu Bakar, who also has three grandchildren, permission to take Suhaili Alias, 24, as his wife.

Shaikh Ahmad advised Abu Bakar to be fair to all his wives, tend to the religious needs of his children, and take his three wives on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Abu Bakarhas fathered 11 boys and 14 girls from his three marriages, with the youngest being four months old and the eldest 25 years.

“The court had considered the affidavit submitted by Abu Bakar, where he stated that he earned RM20,000 a month and had provided houses and cars for each of his wives,” the judge added.

“Therefore, with consent from his wives, the court allows Abu Bakar to marry a fourth wife.”

His three wives – Asnah Jusoh, 46, Mazumi Ismail, 45, and Norazlina Ariffin, 25, – all from Kampung Telok Manir here, also told the court that they had no qualms about their husband marrying another.

The wives later told reporters that their husband was a loving, fair and responsible man and they had arranged for him to marry Suhaili, who is unemployed.

When met, Abu Bakar said there was no secret to keeping all his wives happy, but he believed in treating them equally.

“As long as I can afford another wife and am strong, I don’t see why I can’t marry,” added Abu Bakar, who married his first wife at the age of 19.

Recently, the same court had deferred its decision on an application by lorry driver Mohamed Nor Awang, 57, to marry for the fourth time. It was not convinced he could financially support another wife.

Mohamed had already obtained the nod from his three wives to marry clerk Suzi Sulong, 34.


Above is an article taken from The Star Malaysia ,Tuesday 10thJune 2008, and boy, don’t I feel like I want to puke at the news. What’s this? A man with 3 wives can’t get enough and wants to take a fouth one? This is absurd. I was never a fan of polygamy, and never will be, though it seems normal for a muslim man to take more than one wife ( especially rich datuks).

Ok, this guy is 54 years old man, and has fathered 25 children. (flunked) 25 children is not good enough? Oh my god! It’s not that 3 of his wives are sterile that he must marry another in order to continue his lineage.

Ugh! He spawned his kids like mushrooms after the rain, and I seriously doubt he can remember all of his children’s name, what more changing their diapers when they were born( or to be born). I bet he just left the dirty works with  women and her family?

 Whatever the hell the girl is thinking? She’s just goddamn 24 years old and she want to marry him. She can do better than that. cant she choose a younger man to marry? My hipothesis is he’s either a paedhophile or she simply have sexual desire for a man old enough to be her father! Newfound sweetheart my ass! He already have 3 wives at home, and yet he still have time for courtship? ( and yet the wives is satisfied with him) Bravo, old boy! Even your eldest kid is older than your soon to be wife. Disgusting!

It was mentioned that he earned RM20,000 per month. Gosh. Issit before tax and afer tax? I wonder how much did he give to each of his wives monthly to tend for their household needs. And I can never understand why 3 of his wives consented him to marry another. What kind of woman who’s able to share her husband with another? Are there no jealousy among them?

 His wives mentioned to the reporters that the old boy is a loving and responsible husband. I’m an outsider, and I don’t think I should comment on their statement, but then again, I can’t help it. It’s too absurd for me to accept, especially in the modern era. There’s 7 days a week, and 24 hours per day. How did he divide his attention to each of his wives and children? I doubt it’s enough, and I don’t think all of them are living under one roof either, and how did they know that he’s being as equally affectionate with one wife and another?CCTV, perhaps (snort), and yeah, what an entertainment it would serve. I bet it’s much better than pornography.

I seriously doubt the man use any sort of ahem… ‘protection’ while having sexual relations with his wife( wives), since he manage to spawned so many children. I wonder if he knows what is STD? Ewww. How can a decent woman accept the fact that her husband had unprotected sex with another woman then comes home, stripped off his clothing and then toss her onto the bed and ravage her the same way he did with his other wife? (wait, perhaps he din’t ravage her the same way, he must have learnt kama sutra or something so that he won’t bored himself to death with the same sexual position). I’ll definitely vomit at the sight of his erection if I’m one of those women. Other woman’s lubricants is probably still there even though he washed them away. *faint*

The man must have just marry for sex. And the women, if not crazy or seriously out of their mind, they must have enjoyed some sort of preference towards orgies. ( and hell, yes, we never know if they’e involve in some sort of kinky sex, after all, in their situation, it is considered legal and consecrated) 


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    How can a young woman wants to marry an old married man (in this case who has 3 wives already) you asked?. Well this question has been asked many times by so many and there are records of many answers, weird and uncomprehensible to you maybe but still these answers came from the horses mouth:
    – I cant help it
    – I love him
    – Even though i have sworn never to get involved with a married man, he is my soul mate, my life and my everything!
    – I cant live without him
    – etcetc

    and these answers came from women from all walks of life, professional, educated and the rich included.

    We will never understand this until and unless it happen to us. Are they crazy? idiots? nahhhhh!

    The court has given consent after it was satisfied that the man can “deliver” and does what is required of him on his 4 wives and all the children. Who are we who were not privy to the case when it was heard to say what the court had determined to be a fair decision?

    STD is caused, if I am right, sex rambang (random sex with any partner) ! Sex between married couples are not sex rambang and the possibility of getting STD is almost zero if the husband or wife (dont forget the women too) dont have partners outside the marriage .

    Orgies may be legal but within the islamic context, if I understood it correctly., is not permitted!

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