Salute, to all of you…

It’s Mother’s Day for most. But to me, it’s just Sunday. I know I sound like the fictional Bison in Street Fighters, but just like the previous years, there’s nothing special going on in my end, and there are no plans made to celebrate either though I  made a point to celebrate it with my own mother last Friday when she came up to KL with my father. We had simple dinner and it was really fun catching up with my young at heart old folks. At times, I feel I’m much older and less interesting than them. *SIGH*

Some people asked me why I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day? If you asked me that, you probably do not know me very well. So let me tell you why. My husband is not the kind who likes to celebrate things. I think he don’t really like to celebrate things  (or rather, he is not raised for that)… I mean, to date I’ve been a decade with him, and yet he only started to learn to celebrate special occasions and whatnot when my friends celebrate special days with me and stuff during the past two years.

Touching on Mother’s Day, my husband always remind me that I’m not his mother… so… we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day in this family, and I kinda return the favour on Father’s Day every year, since he is not my father either. 😛 So bad of me. But hey, these things are rather commercialized anyway. Eating out costs a bomb on these ‘special occasions’.

Anyway…as much as I don’t celebrate anything on my end, I ought to give myself a pat on my back for doing a darn good job in raising my kid, despite of what those judgmental and cynical people out there say. And I ought to congratulate myself for still staying sane after being a mother for almost a decade.

You have no idea how it is like to deal with a special need child 24/7 unless you’re stuck with one for the rest of your life. You don’t get a breather and you can hardly boast about any achievements or milestones at all like what other parents could do. In other word, I feel that it sucked being a mother to a special need child, but here I am, still sane, and have yet to end my pathetic, chained and shackled life.

So yes. Congratulations to myself for putting up with what not many could survive for so long.

And having said that, happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, especially those with special need children. My salute goes to all of you, for it’s easy to be a mother to a normal child, but it’s almost hell on Earth to be a mother to special need children.

Cleffairy: I should learn to have no expectation at all. Then life won’t disappoint me as much.


  1. mature women dating in orlando florida says:

    Though am a mother of 4 normal kids, I can relate to ur
    Feelings of not being appreciated. Sometimes it’s not the celebration or
    gifts that v ask for. It’s just that little appreciation that v find so hard to even
    get from our love ones aftr all dat v have done for them .
    Like u said it all ” better not expect, then v won’t b frustrated or
    Hugs to u n keep doing wat u r doing cz I believe God has given u dat special
    child for a reason . He knws u wil do a good job , better than any other mothers would!! Gambate!!

    • half life and radioisotope dating worksheet answers says:

      Exactly… it’s just a bit of aknowlegment and appreciation that i wanted. Just a bit of thank you, and give me abit of a break. 🙁 But it’s really hard to get cuz we mummies tend to be taken for granted. Our loved ones seems to think that they dun need to do so just because we’re always there for them, regardless of the situation. *SIGH* Not easy for me to raise a special need child…the stigma and whatnot is there… and the pressure from in laws and society is there too…I’m coping…barely. 🙁

  2. swk says:

    oi, jadi go melaka or not? might see u there… ok now go cuci bontot… happy mother’s day… cuci bersih bersih … like bersih 3.0 ok…

  3. Elina says:

    My household do not celebrate Mother’s Day too. While some may snort at this practice, I personally feel that appreciation should not be concentrated on a particular day only. I want appreciation all year round! LOL.

    I do understand the need to be appreciated and I’m sure your hubby does appreciate you in his own way. Perhaps not the wine & dine type but in simple little gestures. *Hugs*

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