Linux Varsity 2010, UTM Skudai

Those who are really close to me in the blog-o-sphere would know that this is quite a backdated entry. I’ve been contemplating to write about this… but after my travels… I feel so tired, and my body aches everywhere. Unlike most of you out there who travel in style, I backpack around instead.

Anyway, I am straying. Last week… my husband and I had to make a trip to UTM Skudai. It’s for business purpose where my husband is supposed to be attending and giving speech in an event known as Linux Varsity.

All right, I have A LOT to complain about. Let’s start with Linux Varsity. First of all, don’t get confused. Linux Varsity is NOT an event hosted by UTM, but it was hosted by some Open Source activists, and UTM invited the activists to give speech to their students to spread Open Source awareness over there.

I hope Mr. Jipang Menjerit aka Syazwan, the organizer of Linux Varsity will take note on my comments and uses it for future reference. Sometimes, my dear boy, outsiders can see more flaws than you can. So I hope you can take up some advice in regards of the event organizing.

My comment on Linux Varsity:

  • The concept of the event is good, definitely good. But there are flaws, as I’m not quite sure if you understood the real concept of Open Source. You say the purpose of Linux Varsity is to introduce Open Source to university students. But then again, why name it Linux Varsity, and not Open Source Varsity instead? Why must you associate it with certain Operating system?
  • Open Source is not only limited to Linux operating system alone. There are many other things that’s actually Open Source. Take a look at Project Gutenberg. They’re not in any way associated with Linux and any of it’s distro, but those are open source. You may argue with me… but Open Source should not just be limited to IT arena.
  • You got to understand that you are giving speech to students. They might misunderstood the entire concept, and just label Linux=Open Source. Open Source is describes as practices in production and development that promote access to the end product’s source materials. So in other words… Open Source is not just limited to IT and technology only… or’s not just confined to Linux or just Ubuntu alone.
  • In regards of organizing events, I think you have a lot to learn, Mr. Jipang Menjerit. I don’t exactly appreciate last minute notice and last minute changes from organizers when my husband and I are going to attend certain speech or events. I am not sure if you realize it or not, but some of us needs to work, you know? When you fix one date, kindly stick to that particular date. If you can’t confirm it with the speakers, kindly do not announce that the date for the event is confirmed. Because most of us are working… we DO NOT devote ourself only to your events. Attending your events and giving speech around like that does not exactly feed us, you know? We need to make necessary arrangements and we also need to reschedule our appointments with our clients each time you change the dates with us.
  • Next time, when you organize Linux Varsity again… I sincerely hope that you can get approval first before confirming the event dates with us. I DO NOT APPRECIATE the fact that you did not get approval from UTM before you emailed to the speakers that you’re going ahead with the plans and whatnot. THAT IS ILLEGAL! Giving speech without getting approval from the authorities is illegal. Kindly take note of that if you have yet to realize that you almost had speakers from outstation give speech in an illegal gathering! Hope you do it this way next time: Approval first, confirmation AFTER approval, not before the approval.
  • I did mention that attending your events does not exactly feed us, didn’t I? Well, this bring another issue to attention, which is the budget. My husband was informed that traveling expenses for speakers is included in Linux Varsity Budget. That that means speaker’s mileage who came from outstation e.g KL is claimable. But as far as I’m concern… YOU HAVEN’T even clear the travel expenses from last Linux Varsity 2009. DO NOTE THE 2009. That’s last year, Mr. Jipang Menjerit! What the hell are you doing? It’s already 2010! That’s one whole year! I hope you can offer some LOGICAL explanation on this. I am sure other speakers who came from outstation wants some explanation on this too. You see, Mr. Jipang Menjerit, I don’t exactly appreciate being made a fool of…I am sure the rest of the speakers do not appreciate too, especially when we come from afar and make effort to help your event to be successful. I wonder… you haven’t even clear last year’s claim for the speakers. Does this mean that you’re going to keep quiet about this year’s claim too? Where the hell did those money go, Mr. Jipang Menjerit?
  • And… last but not least… Linux Varsity is supposed to be for all university, isn’t it? I don’t understand why you’re just concentrating on UTM Skudai alone. Is this for your own convenience since you’re residing in Johor, or you have a better explanation for this? There are so many speakers who are residing in KL. I daresay majority of the speakers are not residing in Johor. Wouldn’t it make more sense if you organize Linux Varsity in KL instead? I mean… I’m sure you’re aware that there are loads of Universities in KL too, and speakers are much more available in KL, and we do not have to deal with waiting for you to clear our mileage claim as well too…. and apart from that, organizing in KL would put Linux Varsity in a better light. Publicity and whatnot can be better arranged in KL, you know? You can’t seriously expect the media to go down there to cover for your events when the event is not properly advertised, and endorsed do you?

Cleffairy: Do you know why Tun Dr. M is a more successful Prime Minister than the rest? He’s visionary and he look far, and he put Malaysia in the limelight.


  1. grapevine dating site says:

    Last year’s claims, they haven’t paid…and yet you went! Chesh! No such thing… No money, no talk!!!

    As for the last-minute changes – the dates and what not, that is VERY typical when you have “those people” in charge. Not much better in the ministry – I got so used to it, just had to learn to live with it. What pissed me off was when you finally got there, they would strut around like they were SO important, So great…and not a word of apology…and they blame EVERYBODY but themselves. That kind of mentality – what a million years, also Malaysia tak boleh!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Exactly my sentiment. But my husband is a very… patient and kind person. A complete opposite of me. More often than not, he give chance to people…that explain the second time. While me…I don’t sit too well with nonsense… once is more than enough for me.

      I’m really not satisfied with the way the organizer handle things… so I have to SPEAK UP. Not SHUD UP. Otherwise, people think that they’re so damn great and they don’t need to improvise… what more taking advice and listening to people’s opinion!

  2. Christopher says:

    wah….no wonder u so ‘hot’ during the trip. How can they organised something in my ex-varsity w/o getting a permit and got the whole open source concept wrong? facebook, wordpress also open source leh…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Of coz hot lorr… who do they tink we are? I mean… you know me since the last 2 years… I don’t exactly tolerate nonsense cook up by brats and whatnot! If you wanna do something, do it right, do it legally, and do it professionally… not like some obnoxious brat on the wants…

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