We're All Cows


Admit it, Malaysians, all of us are qualified to be a cow. Most of us behave like a cow, especially at work. We’re lazy and constantly needs motivation. Unless we’re knock on the head or being bribed with bonus, we tend to laze around, just like those cows. We also find excuses to get a day off or two.

We, Malaysians also loves to eat all the time, just like cows those cows in the field. We seems to eat non-stop and can be quite a glutton at times, and most blog could be a written testimony to our gluttony. But that’s fine, ladies and gentlemen. Being a cow is not that bad. It doesn’t prove that we’re incapable of being productive or greedy or even stupid. It only means that we’d loved to enjoy a good and luxurious life.

Being a cow is not really a bad thing at all (Though Tun Dr. M would knock on your head and say otherwise).  Personally, I hate to be labeled as lazy and stuff but I think Malaysian should be proud for having a cow’s trait in our blood. At least by having our cow ‘traits’ we would be too lazy to cook up destructive things, like planning a war or something. We’re actually people who loves peace and prosperity and don’t go around killing people in our spare time like what’s going on in those Middle East countries. We tend to lay back and relax instead during our free time. We, the cow-people only need to be constantly motivate to be productive, that’s all. That’s something that we can work out and improvise on.

Malaysians, the cow-people are peace loving people who do not go around terrorizing others. Unless we are on the road, of course. When we, Malaysians are on the road, that’s another different story. Cow-like DNA in our body never failed to trigger the mad cow in us.

During festive and non-festive season, we always tend to be not only a cow, but a very mad cow. You know, like those Spanish crazy cows and bulls where they tend to ram into those matadors who waves red coloured cloth. We’re the same. We drive like crazy, we’re impatient and we definitely do not follow the traffic lights well.  Like mad cows that sees red, we often step on the gas instead of stopping at red lights, even though we knew that it’ll endanger our lives and the life of others in the first place.

We’re also impatient when there’s traffic congestion, and we tend to honk impatiently, causing traffic mayhem without failed. And when someone bang into our vehicle and we’re not traumatized or injured enough to be speechless, we tend to fight among ourselves instead of calming down and try to resolve the issue rationally. Venting our anger for the vehicle’s damage is a priority, but resolving the issue on hand is not.

Dear readers, even though it’s all right to be normal cows who needs motivation at work, but please do not drive like mad cows this festive season. Please try not to moo moo here and moo moo there and moo moo everywhere and cause headaches to the rest of the human race.

We don’t get lucky all the time, you know? What if we’re involved in an accident and the hospitals seems to have cow-like people too, where the ambulance doesn’t arrive soon enough to save your life or the nurses and doctors needed motivations to treat the patients too? We’ll only end up R.I.P instead of spending a good time with our loved ones.

Please, dear readers, I beg of you. Do not drive like a mad cow when you’re going back to your hometown to spend time with your family. Love yourself, love your family, and love the entire human race. You can make a difference by not driving like a hormonal mad cow.

Cleffairy: Tolong jangan memandu seperti seekor lembu gila yang tengah naik angin. Sayangi diri anda, keluarga anda dan orang lain. Anda mampu mengubahnya. LMAO.



  1. ahfu says:

    hahaha not only malaysians i guess, people from mainland china, japan and singapore work hard as well, and the cow drivers, vietnam and shenzheng even worse =) anyway we gotta change the attitude though we are not the worst!!!

  2. saphil says:

    Yours is a good article. I wonder if people the world over do not share these cow-like traits. I see calm placid waiting and mad-bull rampaging about everywhere I go. Where I live it is standard to ride the highways at a speed 15 to 25 miles over the limit, and 3 feet from the car in front. I see (but don’t participate in) three to ten-car accidents every other day.

  3. Tera says:


    We have cows everywhere! Me and CY, we are planning to print stickers with a cow on it so that we can stick it onto the car of those that drive like mad and park like shit. It’s some sort of an award for them? For being sucha cow! Ah gu!

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