100% Organic DIAMOND Sapindus Soap, Great for Teenagers and Adults

I’m a bit of a Grinch when it comes to holidays and festive season. I cannot stand the idleness and staying around not being productive, but if there’s one thing that I hate most about festive season is that I still need to meet up with friends and relatives and socialize around. More often than not, they are judgmental at just about everything, and critisizes me and my son from top to toe. It is usually on how we look; with him taking after me looking petite and malnourished and all that despite gobbling down his food like nobody’s business.


So this year, before I get involve in another one of those drama where people ask me why I look like this and why my son look like that and stuff, I’m gonna at least make us look flawlessly pretty and radiant, by using this 100% Organic Diamond Sapindus soap. While stupid gossips and criticism on my parenting skills won’t stop, at least people can’t tell me that my son and I look ugly and we need to do something about it.


100% Organic Diamond Sapindus soap was given to me by a friend to try. According to her, it works miracle on the skin, especially problematic and sensitive ones.


The soap features a PH 7.5, which is a bit alkaline and can be used from top to toe, including the intimate parts of the body.


The soap produces delicate foams that’s not only anti-bacterial, but anti-inflammatory as well.


The combination of top quality natural ingredients used in the making of this Diamond Sapindus soap not only help to eliminate body odor but also soothes and nourishes the skin. A bonus; it keeps the skin moisturized and has whitening effect.


Diamond Sapindus soap has no chemicals and is paraben free and therefore, safe to be used by teenagers as well. My son suffers from acne breakouts pretty often and regular soaps and bathgels that we got over the counter at the drugstores just doesn’t cut it. And so, I let him use this instead as a bath soap as well as a facial wash and it works wonder on his sensitive skin. The itch that he usually gets after a bath is now no more.


We use it as a shampoo as well and guess what? It works miracle in eliminating drandruffs for both of us.


Uploaded by K Network Media on 2018-02-01.

Watch the video we made on how to use the 100% Organic Diamond Sapindus soap.


Overall, we’re really happy with 100% Organic Diamond Sapindus soap and highly recommends the soap to those who not only want to cleanse their body from head to toe, but for those who wants to get rid of body odour and nourishes their skin in the gentlest way possible as well.

Hopefully the soap will help us look like we’re worth a million dollar soon and we’ll rock the festive season like a Korean star.

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