ANELL by Aznil Nawawi, The Perfect Skin Solution For Both Men and Women

If you have been following me on my blog and my social media, you would realize that I’m pretty much a traveler. I hate being locked up and staying at home and I like to travel to places that people don’t usually go. Traveling to new place gives me such a great insight and perspective on things and life in general. But traveling to less mainstream destinations like a trip to the jungle or some secluded river for a swimming session have a drawback in terms of comfort. Indulging in vanity is usually a luxury and as a consequences to traveling to strange places, I’ve developed skin sensivity. My skin is now easily dry and flaky, and looks dull all the time.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi skincare set_zpsu9wejlmq.jpeg

It’s been awhile since I’ve been suffering from skin discomfort until my friend took pity on me and introduced me to a range of locally produced skincare product on the net known as ANELL by Aznil Nawawi. From the pic, it looks like traveler’s friendly.

Unboxing of Anell by Aznil Nawawi Skincare Product

Finally got it in the mail. Watch the video: Unboxing of ANELL by Aznil Nawawi.

Traveling with Anell by Aznil Nawawi

And I brought it along with me on my most recent trip.

 photo received_1828888347357769_zpsaljpwad1.jpeg

Destination? Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan for an event and a short writing retreat for my latest novel.

 photo Ellie with Anell by Aznil Nawawi_zps41f5frxb.jpg

Me and ANELL by Aznil Nawawi skincare.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi skincare products_zpsplpl4low.jpg

I usually travel light and doesn’t care much about my skincare regime but this time around I brought ANELL by Aznil Nawawi skincare set with me during my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia trip to Port Dickson with my family. This range of product is exclusively developed by Malaysia’s very own sweetheart celebrity, the ever youthful looking Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi, as a gift to his adoring fans who would like to look as youthful as him. I’ll be completely honest with you, I’m not really familiar with this brand and is a little skeptical when it was introduced to me, but I decided to give it a shot as I’be heard good things about it from my friend. I’m already terribly desperate for a better complexion so I decided to give it a shot. I’m usually reluctant to try new skincare products but I got nothing to lose. After all, my skin is already in a bad condition; dry and looking dull all the time. What’s the worst could happened anyway? The product is approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. I guess I got nothing to worry about.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi Skincare Set_zpsr2ljocf0.jpg

In the picture above is the skincare set; ANELL by Aznil Nawawi; ANELL Deep Cleanser, ANELL Balancing Toner, ANELL Age Defying Day Cream and ANELL Intense Repair Night Cream. The products is said to help reverse the sign of ageing.

 photo Step by step using Anell by Aznil Nawawi Skincare_zpsyqde5f1f.jpg

So I started a 14 days beauty regime with ANELL skincare products while traveling(I’m almost never at home anyway). Only 4 simple steps to follow by using ANELL skincare; deep cleansing, toning, application of day cream in the morning and application of night cream before sleep every day.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi Balancing Toner_zpsco34t6v1.jpeg

ANELL Deep Cleanser. ANELL Deep Cleanser, as the name suggest, is a cleanser. It removes impurities and dirt from the skin upon usage, leaving your skin clean and fresh without fail every time. It contains good amount on Vitamin E, soya, lemon and papaya extracts and so, apart from cleansing, it also functions as a nourishing skin food.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi Balancing Toner01_zpsnxbfekk1.jpeg

ANELL Balancing Toner. I used this after cleansing and exfoliating the dead skin cells. The product not only fix uneven skin tone, but miracally helped me reduce oiliness on my skin. The best part? It contains Vitamin E and cucumber extract and it pretty much gives me a refreshing feel on my skin.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi Intense Repair Night Cream_zps4ejqqg53.jpeg

ANELL Age Defying Day Cream. The cream is gentle enough to be used daily, and I used this in the morning daily before starting my day. Containing Vitamin E, Witch Hazel leaf extract, tea tree flower& leaf extract as well as the luxurious Lingzhi mushroom stem extract, the day cream helps alot in moisturizing my usually dry skin. The best part? The cream also contains SPF30, which functions as a UV blocker, and therefore the cream is my favourite whenever I go outdoor. To say that I apply it withour fail everyday is an understatement.

 photo Anell by Aznil Nawawi Intense Repair Night Cream01_zpswibto6qh.jpeg

ANELL Night Cream. Whoever told you that the skin should be nude while you are sleeping is a big liar. The skin shouldn’t be left bare and should be ‘fed’ with nutrients while you sleep. Remember that the body fixes all the cells and whatnot while you sleep? Well, take the advantage of your beauty sleep with a little boost by using night creams. ANELL Night Cream works wonder as you sleep. This night cream contains SPF25, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel leaf extract, tea tree flower& leaf extract as well as the luxurious Lingzhi mushroom stem extract. I used this at night and I discovered that each time I wake up from my sleep in the morning, the skin would feel healthier and refreshed, unlike before where I didn’t use any cream when I sleep. The skin actually felt dehydrated after sleeping through the night, so yes. I’m a happy camper with this ANELL Night Cream.

 photo BeautyPlus_20160929115858_save_zpsjzxqxznv.jpg

Overall, I’m happy with ANELL skincare set and would personally dubbed it as anti-ageing cream and complexion fixer. Okay, I know it might sound as if I’m boasting, but prior usage, my skin is always dull. Now it somewhat illuminates my feature and make me look radiant. I guess it it’s because the products contain light-reflecting particles that functioned to give the skin a luminous glow.

Thanks to ANELL by Aznil Nawawi, I no longer look tired all the time, even when I do feel tired inside. Another bonus? I look younger and much prettier in pictures. Why, people mistook me for being the elder sister to my pre-teen son and if that is not a confidence boost, I don’t know what is.

ANELL by Aznil Nawawi skincare product is suitable for both men and women. The set retails at RM199. For more information on ANELL by Aznil Nawawi and how you can place your order please refer to the information below:


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