Editor’s Pick: SkyAvenue Foodie Guide

Did you know that there’s a food heaven in the sky? Well, there is. It’s in Malaysia, no less. I bet you don’t know. Okay, that may sound a bit farfetch; a food heaven in the sky. I may exaggerate a lil bit but I’m not exactly lying. There is a food heaven in the sky; SkyAvenue, that is.


Located at 6,000ft above sea level in Resorts World Genting, SkyAvenue is a mall that is offering you all sorts of exciting shopping and lifestyle experience. They have loads of eateries that offers delicious cuisines from all corners of the world. Deciding on what to eat when you are in SkyAvenue can be quite a feat, with so many eateries to pick from, so here’s a little guide on what to eat in SkyAvenue:


The weather in Genting Highlands can be quite unpreditable. Some days it’s nice and cool, and sometimes it’s chilled to the bones. The lowest temperature that I experienced in Genting before was 12’c. It was really cold, wet and windy. If you are looking for something to instantly warm your tummy, there’s two eateries that you might wanna drop by; I Love Yoo! And DOME Cafe.

I love Yoo! Level 4 T2C-02B


I Love Yoo! is an outlet that is specialized in selling Youtiao and porridge.


It is a perfect place if you are in need of a quick, warm meal.


Plain porridge, noodle with herbal chicken, taufufa and soya milk are among the must try things on their menu.

Dining at I Love Yoo! is pretty much fuss-free with it’s quick service. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a quick comfort on the tummy.

For more detailed info on I Love Yoo!, click HERE.

DOME Cafe Level 1 T2-46&47


DOME Cafe is another place where you can get a quick warm meal. Their selection of soup are simply exceptional.

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I’ve tried plenty of things in DOME Cafe, but here’s some of the things that’s worthy of mentioning; Minestrone Soup and Roasted Beef Sandwich. And if you’re into chilled drinks, do give their Fluffy Kaola and Lemon Chill. They’re simply refreshing.

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Love noodles? I know I do. Slurping up a bowl of noodles generously filled with condiments is extremely satisfying, especially in cold weather. If you are not watching your carbs intake of is temporarily shelving your diet, you might wanna check out Only Mee and Boat Noodles for some noodle indulgence.

Only Mee Level 4 T2C-B19


Only Mee sells all sorts of local noodles with plenty of side dishes and snacks for you to indulge on.

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Here’s some of the things on their menu that I think is worth your calories; Little Bowl Noodles- with 4 types of local noodle dish eg: Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Mee Udang and Green Curry Laksa, Fried Chicken Wantan, Fried Lorbak, Fishballs soup and Wantan soup.

For more detailed info on Only Mee, head over http://cleffairy.com/dating-sites-for-accountants/.

Boat Noodle Level.4 T2C-B02


Boat noodles originates from the floating market if Ayuthaya in Thailand. On the rivers, locals will sell goods from their boats, including boat noodles. Noodles are usually served in large bowls, but it is inconvenient to do so on the boat, hence, smaller servings. And Boat Noodles maintained the traditional way of serving boat noodles; in small bite sized portion.


Here’s some of their highlights; Beef Pathumthani Rice Noodles, Beef Ayutthaya Rice Noodles, Beef Prosperity Yum, Chicken Pathumthani Rice Noodles, Chicken Ayuthaya Rice Noodles, Chicken Prosperity Yum, Fried Wanton Skin and Fried Chicken Skin. Their not to be missed drinks includes;
Cha Yen, Kaffe Yen, Cha Keow Yen and
Cha Manao Yen.


I would recommend you to bring some friends and order bowls and bowls of the noodles to indulge on. They are dangerously addictive. Plus, stacking up the empty bowls after you finished slurping the noodles up is strangely satisfying.

More of our experience at Boat Noodle SkyAvenue, hop over HERE.


Sushi Zanmai Level 4 T2C-11

Love Japanese food and is craving for some delicious, made to order Sushis and Sashimis?


I believe Sushi Zanmai is where you need to be.


Sushi Zanmai serves all sorts of freshly made sushi and sashimi.


Their menu is pretty much extensive too. Apart from sushi and sashimi, they are also offering Sukiyaki, Ramen and Donburis.

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese gastronomic experience, just head over to Sushi Zanmai. They don’t disaapoint, I assure you.

For more details on Sushi Zanmai, visit my post HERE.


Resorts World Genting is well known as the city of entertainment that never sleep. That said, there are plenty of outlets that are opened 24 hours daily. But if you ask me where you should go to fill up your growling tummy at ungodly hours during your stay in Resorts World Genting, I’d definitely recommend you to go to Richdad or Babajia.

Richdad Level 1 T2-17

Richdad is one of the more prominent eateries in SkyAvenue that is opened 24hours.


You’ll be pleased to dicover that you can order a complete heavy meal even at 3am in the morning at Richdad.


I prefer to visit Richdad for an early breakfast as they usually have breakfast set on their menu that’s simply wholesome, with a fraction of the price.

For more info on Richdad, please head over HERE.

Babajia Level 1 T2-16

Babajia is a restaurant that serves homey Peranakan cuisine and it is open 24 hours daily. The restaurant is located just beside Richdad in SkyAvenue and is constantly flocked by both hungry diners and fans of Peranakan cuisine.


If you want to enjoy the flavours of authentic Peranakan homecooking, Babajia is the place that you should go to. The food here is definitely on the fantastic side and surpassed my expectation as a fussy eater.


Apart from their signature Baba and Nyonya cuisine offerings, they too have have luxurious soup and porridge like Abalone Chicken Porridge and Abalone and Ginseng Soup that’s simply delicious. These two are a must try in my opinion. They are richly nutritious. Babajia also have plenty of finger food if you are looking for some snacks. Among the addictive ones is the Fried Lorbak.

For more info on Babajia, hop over HERE.


Love fried chicken dishes? Can’t live without them? Well, fret not. There are plenty of fast food joints that’s selling fried chicken in SkyAvenue. But here’s recommending two that tops the list; Nene Chicken and Texas Chicken.

Nene Chicken Level 4

Founded in South Korea in 1999, with the philosophy of providing a happy and positive lifestyle, NeNe Chicken very quickly became one of the nation’s favourite fried chicken brands.


The word “Ne” in Korean means “Yes”. Hence, “Nene Chicken” means “Yes Yes Chicken”.


The ever popular Korean fried chicken is usually fried to golden brown and coated with a variety of sauces, spicy or otherwise. At Nene Chicken, their chicken went through a batter-dip process where oil does not seep into the chicken meat, hence keeping the meat juicy and the batter crispy.

More about Nene Chicken HERE.

Texas Chicken Level 4 T2C- B07

Texas Chicken is a fast-food chain that’s offering fried chicken, sandwiches and Southern-influenced sides.


Here’s some simple meal that’s popular among those who wants some quickie meal; 2 pcs chicken combo set with drinks, cheesy fries and dessert.

If you are looking for a quick, hassle-free bite that is not only delicious but is affordable as well, Texas Chicken is definitely the place.

For more info on Texas Chicken, click HERE.


Let’s face it. When it comes to food, we tend to indulge and by end of the meal, we tend to feel guilty or worry about our expanding waistline. This is especially true for those who are watching their diet or those who are following strict order from their nutritionists. Here’s suggesting two outlet that will please both your conscience and your gym trainer; BMS Organics and Tian Ma Bird Nest.

BMS Organics Level 1 T2-19

BMS Organics is a restaurant that is serving all sorts of delicious vegetarian food. Those who detest vegetables in their means may have the perception that vegetarian food would be plainly green and uninteresting and the most you will get is a plate of stir fried veggies. But here’s where you are wrong.


While it is true that BMS Organics does not serve meat, but their meals are just equally good, if not better than their non vegetarian counterparts.


Here’s some of the must try dishes at BMS Organics; Grilled BMS’s Chef Burger, BMS’s Signature Nasi Lemak and BMS’s Soy Milk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodles.

The food in BMS Organics are not only delicious but nutritious too.

For more information on BMS Organics, head over HERE.

Tian Ma Birdnest Level 4 (T2C-05C)

Tian Ma Ma Bird Nest is a must go to if you are looking for some food that will nourish your body inside out.


Tian Ma Bird Nest generally serve bird’s nest soup.


The bird nest’s soup are made from
edible bird’s nests that’s created by swiftlets using solidified saliva, which are harvested for human consumption.The nests has been used in Chinese cooking for over 400 years, most often as bird’s nest soup. These soup are highly nutritious and contains natural anti-ageing properties. Back then, due to the difficulties of harvesting the nests, only the members of the Chinese imperial family and the rich could afford to consume bird’s nest soup.


Here’s some of the highlights from Tian Ma Bird Nest; Chicken Bird Nest porridge and Bird Nest with coconut. Fairly refreshing take from the usual plain bird’s nest soups.

For more detailed info on Tian Ma Birdnest, hop over HERE.


If you have soft spot for pretty and delicious food, you’ll be pleased to know that SkyAvenue does not lack interesting and instagrammable food. There are plenty of them but here’s listing some interesting snacks and beverages.

Dream Color Level 1

Dream Color tops the list of the pretty, edible things in SkyAvenue.


Dream Color offers beautifully coloured fruit juices and milkshakes that changes their colours when you shake em up prior drinking.


Here’s some of their bestsellers; Dream Dragon, Twilight and Milkyway. They are also offering simple snacks like Chicken Sausage with Egg on a stick for you to enjoy with your drinks.

More about Dream Color, hop over HERE.

Gindaco Level 1 T2-18

Gindaco is a small outlet in SkyAvenue that sells the famous Japanese street snack, Takoyaki. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion.


It’s been a rage since a few years back in Malaysia and Gindaco is serving some really nice ones. 


Here’s Takoyaki with Ebimayo from Gindaco. It is by no means the original style, but rather a much more luxurious version of it as it is smothered generously with Ebimayo sauce that contains huge bits of prawns in it.

More about Gindaco, hop over HERE.


Have sweet tooth? Must end your meals with a sweet note? Or simply in need of some sugar rush? SkyAvenue is also a dessert heaven. You can see shops selling desserts almost everywhere in SkyAvenue, but here’s listing some that’s worth mentioning; IIaoIIao and Madame Waffles.

IIaoIIao Level 1 T2-43

IIaoIIao is an outlet that sells a wide range of froyo (frozen yogurts) ice creams.


Froyo are definitely a healthier choice of desserts as they are basically just frozen yogurts made into ice creams.


It is different from ice milk and conventional soft serve as they contain less fat.You may choose your own toppings for theae ice creams, so go ahead and customize your own dessert to your liking.

To read more about IIaoIIao, head over HERE.

Madame Waffles Level 1 T2-40

As the name suggest, Madame Waffles is an expert in making deliciously tempting waffles.


Madame Waffles kioks keeps everything simple. What they are offering are mostly waffles that can be grab and go, but dining in would not be an issue as there’s plenty of table and chairs for you to have you waffles at.


Apart from serving sweet waffles topped with ice creams, they also have this; Durian Crepe. This is still fairly new and would require you to wait about 10 minutes for it to be prepared for you upon ordering, but it’s definitely worth the wait as the Durian Crepe is out of this world and could bring you to heaven and back. I wouldn’t recommend you to bring this to your hotel room and eat it, tho. As it is filled with fresh durian flesh, it is naturally pungent and the smell could be quite unpleasant in a closed room.

More info about Madame Waffles, click HERE.


Fancy a chit chat over a cuppa tea or coffee? Tokyo Secret and Dal.komm Coffee are both perfect for both chilling out session or a coffee date.


Tokyo Secret Level 1 T2-42

You probably know Tokyo Secret for its scrumptious Hanjuku cheese tarts, but there’s more to Tokyo Secret than just their cheesecakes and cheesetarts.


Tokyo Secret brews some killer coffee that could snap you from the land of fatique, so grab some if you are feeling lost in the clouds. And make sure you grab their new cheese stick- pastry creation, Syukurimu to wash the coffee down with.

More about Tokyo Secret, hop over HERE.

Dal.komm Coffee Level 4 T2-C10

Fans of Kdrama would probably be familar with Dal.komm Coffee. It was featured countlessly in the Kdrama, ‘Decendants of The Sun’ as an ideal dating spot for lovers.


I find this especially true, as they serve all sort of sweet food and drinks that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Dal.komm has been my favourite dating spot with my husband for over a year now and we frequent the shop regularly whenever we are in SkyAvenue.


Here’s some of our favourite items on their menu; Premium Chocola’de shake,
Strawberry cruffin,Honey Coffee Cube
Strawberry Cube, and Shibuya toasts.

For detailed info on Dal.komm, hop over HERE.

With so many delicious things to eat in SkyAvenue this list is by no means complete or comprehensive. If you want to read extensive reviews on these outlets, make sure you click the links provided at the end of each outlet’s summary.

To quickly search about what to eat in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, search by using these hashtag via search engines or your favourite social media platforms:

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There are much more eateries I haven’t explore over there in SkyAvenue, but I do hope this list will help you to go around and decide what to eat when when you are in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. Please note that all the outlet listed are Pork-Free outlets and is Muslim friendly.

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