Let’s just W.A.I.T for the TM cows!

I’m not lost somewhere in Africa or fighting off some anacondas in the Amazons. Nor I’ve been eaten by some starving cannibals in some exotic place. And I’m sorry for those who have been hoping or praying hard that I’ve been stampeded and by a bunch of crazy elephant with mad cow desease and dead on the ground, all goeey, icky and bloody.

Sorry folks, I’m still alive. Felt even more sorry for you bitches and bastards out there, cuz you still can’t get rid of me. However, I suspect I’ll be  dead soon because of old age, waiting for TMnet to fix my freaking line. But to my haters, don’t worry. You still got a chance or two at throwing a party in honour of my death, cuz if I don’t die because of aging, I’ll probably die because of high blood pressure. Maybe that, or I’ll get strike by lighting because of spitting blasphemy every damn day.

My apologies goes to those that I failed to respond to, and to those that I failed to make my regular visit to their blogs. I am still waiting for the cows in TM to start moving their smelly asses that’s rooting to the chair and get things done.

I’ll try to visit your blogs and attempt to compose an article or two when I have the chance. But until then… *grinz* happy blogging, stay safe and happy, yourself, and your pockets alike. LOL.

Cleffairy: I have no idea why those stupid TM cows do their work so slow. I wonder if they are literally fucking around in office while their poor fellow customers are suffering. Malaysia, DO AWAY WITH ISP DOMINATION. That’s dictatorship!


  1. Cheeyee says:

    Oh this happen to me several times already. Very frustrating right? What I did was keep on calling to check the status every alternate day. And also try to get the contact number of the technician assigned to fix your line.

    All the best to you!

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