Malaysia Greatest Magician

*pOOf* Who said Malaysia does not have any good magicians around? Malaysia is a country where everything is made possible, and in the field of magic and optical illusion, Malaysia has at least two best kept secret. One is a magician and he is a master of disappearance act while the other is a clown, a master of presenting bullshits on a silver platter to his audience no matter where he go. The clown would act like an ultimate retarded puppet to be dressed up and played by whoever could afford to pay him handsome reward. Below is the description of the two prolific magic and optical illusion entertainer:

Mr. Bola Bola– Mr. Bola Bola is actually a private investigator who one day woke up from the wrong side of his bed and decided to learn magic. But in the process of learning and mastering magic in a famous magic school, he made his evil teacher goes ballistic and very pissed off with his antics. Mr. Bola Bola, fearing that the teacher will cast awful spell and curse his family have no choice but to perform his ultimate disappearance act that will put David Copperfield to shame. He chanted some magic words, and *poof* …him, and his entire family disappeared from their motherland, Malaysia and appeared on other part of the earth in an instant. He is said to be living a bombastic life with his loved ones in the land of belly dancers where a renowned Indian Datuk resides. But of course, it’s only rumours that he is in the land of belly dancers. It is not possible for a great magician to show himself to the public when he does not wish it, right? Til this very day, no one really know his whereabouts. One would wonder if one day he will magic will wear off and finally return to his homeland. Even David Copperfield’s disappearance act does not last forever.

Sai Fool– A sad case of entertainer who should be conferred ‘Clown of the Year’ award. He has definitely performed the best joke any desperate gay clown could perform. He was smitten with his boss and tried to seduce him, but it was rumoured that his boss does not give a damn about him. Pissed off, he claimed that he is sodomized by his boss and he does not enjoy it, and cried rape to the world. Then, he goes great length to prove that his ass was brutalized countless times by swearing his ass off in a holy shrine. He was very famous back then with his absurd attempt to taint his boss good name and he became every single newspaper and electronic media headline. However, the clown too had learn some magic, which is the art of disappearance and optical illusion act. He too, like Mr. Bola Bola, goes *pOoF* one day and disappeared from the face of the earth. Sai Fool is a way better performer than Mr. Bola Bola though, as there is no news or rumours about him at all and he is nowhere to be seen. Everyone seems to forget about him and nobody knows his whereabouts at all!

Cleffairy: *pOoF* Does magic last forever? Even Cinderella’s magic wears off by 12 midnight.


  1. arc says:

    lol Im knida fascinated on the Fool. LOL.. but then, the magic he’d done, of what I heard recently, has turn back to his face. He got gonorrhea (dunno how far the news truth is LOL)

  2. cleffairy says:

    Arch, welcome to my humble blog, and thank you for adding me in your blogroll. I will add yours in mine later, If you dun mind. 😀 Eh, really ah? That feller got gonorrhea? If he really got, then that’s his balasan lorr! 😛

  3. arc says:

    Hehe I added this blog because I find it interesting. No need to return the favor (eventho I really2 hope more people will give comment on my blog hehehe)..I dont really mind then =D

    and its not ARCH…my name is arc. XD

    haha,yup maybe bcoz of the balasan he received that made him disappear and bcome a magician..hehe

    p/s: so sad 2 say but Im studying at the same place he used to be..huhuhu

  4. cleffairy says:

    Arc, aiya, sorry, sorry, typo error. LOL. I’m glad you find my blog interesting, just to let you know, I’ve added you in my blogroll as well. 😀

    Aihh, that fool, it’s so clear that there’s money involve. I just dun understand why such people exists. Money is not everything. Money should not be able to buy one’s dignity and pride. 🙁

  5. arc says:

    Hehe nvm …Everyday I tell myself to work hard and pray that I will not involve in any lies and corruptions.

    p/s: Date Movie isnt a new movie. The first time I watched it was a few years ago =P. I just have it in my lappy =D

  6. cleffairy says:

    Arc… lol, I know it’s not a new movie… it’s some ages ago, rite? But I still haven’t watch it… I’m a bit outdated when it comes to chic flicks… 🙁

  7. Alam says:

    You all heard about Monster Ing??
    He is a very magician also, he now learning a lot of magic tricks, some ppl thought it is black magic………
    No one know the magic he performed…………

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