Are you a territorial person? I think I am, especially where my kitchen is concerned. I absolutely hate it when people touches my things in the kitchen and rearrange the things according to their own liking. I feel as if my rights as the mistress of the kitchen have been violated whenever other people go into my kitchen and do as they pleased.

I get extremely annoyed whenever I couldn’t find things in the kitchen because other people thought it would be better for them to place one thing and another here and there according to their own liking and their own convenience.

What is wrong with some people? I always hate it when a person came visiting and they thought it is all right for them to restructure the entire kitchen system! It is disrespectful for a person to go into another person’s house, and do as they please as if they owned the house!

You may say that this is a small matter that can be tolerated and overlooked, but to me, invading someone’s house and especially the kitchen is a form of invasion of privacy.

Have you ever experience someone coming to your house and do as they please with it? You know, nosy relatives who thought they are better at managing things in the kitchen and whatnot? I hate it when they do that. It made me feel as if I’m not good at managing my household and it made feel as if I’m being judged instead of getting extra help from them.

Cleffairy: Sometimes, I really don’t mind my husband not cooking. Spares me the misery of locating missing or misplaced kitchen utensils.


  1. small Kucing says: i gave up on dating

    LOL….that is your kitchen…I have got relative who come to my home poke her nose in master bedroom and open the drawers in the master bedroom. When asked why she open, she said lookig for toilet paper. *Pengsan* no mouth to ask ka?

    Not only kitchen is sacred to most people ut the whole house too.Unless invited, it’s not nice to poke nose into people things la

  2. Chloe says:

    i’m still ok with people coming to house and do as they please with it. but just couldn’t stand those that allow kids to run here and there and open any cabinets and start playing with the stuff inside. =.= we are not allowed to do anything but to smile and keep repeating “is okay.. is okay”

  3. suituapui says:

    My missus is like your hubby. All the time, something that I use will go missing – dunno for some reason or other, she just decides to chuck it away some place else after use. Tsk! Tsk!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha… my hubby is not the only one who is like this. Irks me without failed each time I cannot find things in my own kitchen. Makes me reallt mad and no mood to cook!

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